The Young Readers’ Scholarship Competition

The Young Readers’ Scholarship Competition

The Young Readers competition is for students in the secondary and primary schools. It is aimed at discovering young students with exceptional intellectual abilities and talents. The programme shall be organized separately for the different classes involved.

Basically, we have SS 1,2 &3, JSS 1,2 &3, Prim 3-6 respectively are allowed to participate in the young readers’ scholarship competition for now. Forms are distributed to schools for the student’s information to be collected and their subject combinations to be captured and sent to us.

Each participating school selects their best students for the competition and they go through the screening process. Areas of coverage for the young reader’s competitions are: Article writing, debates, speed reading, original ideas, poetry, prose, books, poems, talent hunting, sciences, inventions and other core subjects. As the campaign progresses, we hope to add more programs or the Prim1-2 and the nursery schools that will make reading exercise very interesting and engaging for them as we look forward to making Nigeria a reading society.

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