THE READERS’ AWARD

The Readers’ Award program is designed for lecturers of tertiary institutions which include the Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Colleges of Agriculture etc. and it is aimed at encouraging them to also align with the nationwide effective reading campaign as major stakeholders in the educational industry. The readers’ award entails calling for the research works of these lecturers or their research proposals and selecting some of the relevant, unique and impactful research works that has been done by them or ongoing and support them financially in form of research grants.

These research works are carefully scrutinized and screened by a constituted screening panel then the lecturers whose works are selected for the award are invited for interactive session and interview before the screening panel. In the end, the selected research works for the award are given research grants for their works. In 2019 edition of the program, we had a total of 55 tertiary institutions across Nigeria that sent in participants to us with a total of 5, 200 research works submitted to the screening panel.

The research works went through series of screening process after which 500 research works were picked for the final stage of the screening which was a written test. 120 research works made it to the final and research grants were given to them accordingly.

The present edition of the readers’ award is being organized in honor of a prolific writer and best-selling author with several books to her credit Professor Zaynab Alkali, the current Board Chairman of the National Library of Nigeria for her many contributions and efforts to promote effective reading culture in Nigeria over the years. This year edition is therefore called Professor Zaynab Alkali Readers’ Award. At the moment, we are receiving research proposals and research works from the different tertiary institutions across the nation in preparation for the screening that will produce the winners of this year edition of the award.

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