StandTall Africa Initiative Organizes THE NIGERIA READS CAMPAIGN 2020 Reisger Here

It has been established time again that no nation can develop beyond the intellectual capacity of her leaders/citizens pivoted on their educational resource base. The developed nations particularly the Asian Tigers are some of the world leading nations in economic stability, medicine, ICT, entrepreneurship, security etc. these nations have thrives largely based on the quality of information at their disposal. These quality information were researched by their scholars and made available for their governments, stakeholders and individuals to access and process them into useful and productive national intellectual archives from where information that drives quality policies, economy, education, etc. are being tapped.

It is on the basis of these facts that Standtall Africa Initiative has designed the Nigeria Reads Campaign.

Nigeria Reads is one out of the many quality programs designed by Standtall Africa Initiative for the ongoing ten years nationwide effective reading campaign by the organization.

The aim of the Nigeria Reads campaign is to ensure the reading campaign does not only affect students, teachers and lecturers but also all Nigerians at least from the ages of 18 to 65 years. We believe that most Nigerians have real issues, productive opinions and engaging arguments that could help us as a nation if properly analyzed and looked into but unfortunately, they do not have platforms to sponsor their views for the public benefit. Nigeria Reads provide all Nigerians that platform to positively contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria via provision of quality ideas, innovations, opinions, etc that could be useful for governments, organizations, and individuals to grow their businesses and ensure we move the nation forward. We do all know that participation in this kind of event can only be possible if the participant is a reader with quality information in his or her custody because one can ever give what he or she does not have.

Furthermore, the Nigeria Reads campaign is intended to gather a whole lot of opinions and ideas from lots of critical minds and these ideas and opinions are expected to be crystalized into archive which shall be made available to the Federal Ministry of National Planning and Budgeting to support government in the delivery of quality governance and leadership to the good people of Nigeria.

Applicants of the Nigeria Reads are expected to answer some questionnaires and submit back to us then they shall be invited for further interviews and screening by a panel by Standtall Africa Initiative.

The best ten participants of the Nigeria Reads that are able to go through all the screening process successfully shall be given One Million Naira (N1,000,000.00) only while others shall be given consolation prizes (books) to read and become Leaders and productive  Nigerians.

We must always remember that “everything rises and falls on leadership and leadership is strongly pivoted on readership while quality leadership is pivoted on quality and avid reading”.

Sign in right now to participate in the Nigeria Reads and together let’s make Nigeria a greater nation via effective reading.

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