THE ENTREPRENEUR:

As part of our core value and obligations to identify, develop and empower entrepreneurs across Africa, Standtall Africa Initiative brings on board THE ENTREPRENEURS which is targeted at empowering small business owners (SMEs) to access mini grants to start up workable ideal, to raising capital and Also, for existing businesses for expansion.

This program is not aimed at giving out loans but strictly a mini grant giving initiative.

Procedure: Forms are given out for free and participants are invited to take part in a skill acquisition/vocational training. Certificates are issued to participants of whom they already paid for.

Participants are then invited for interview to pitch their businesses, in order to access the grant.

Standtall Africa Initiative has single handedly trained over 5000 individuals and startup business owners and have succeededly empowered 1000 of them with mini grant for their businesses within the period of two years in Nigeria.

These grants are given to them in sums of Fifty Thousand Naira (#50,000.00) to One Million Naira (#1000,000.00) and above, depending on the type of business each individual is doing and the number of employees under them.

Even through the pandemic, the organization was able to create a virtual training method and also empowered a large number of them, especially those whose businesses suffered majorly as a result of the total lockdown of the country.

We have a mandate, hopefully to train and empower 15,000 Small Business Owners within the 5 years period of the project.

Our trainings include but not limited to this;

  • Skill Acquisitions such as (leather works, event planning, painting, CCTV installations, ICT, fashion designing, etc.)
  • Capacity Building such as (Business Management, Financial Intelligence, Leadership, Organizational Management, Budgeting and Planning, Book keeping, Strategic Thinking, etc.)


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