Teachers’ Face of Reading (TFR)

Teachers’ Face of Reading (TFR)

Teachers’ Face of Reading is another program which is also designed specifically for teachers in both secondary and primary under the ten years effective reading campaign. This program apart from promoting avid and effective reading culture among teachers in Nigeria through some competitive intellectual tasks, it also seek to empower the teachers financially to ensure an average teacher who has committed time and resources into rendering of quality services to humanity should also be entitled to quality lifestyle as a way of encouraging dignity of labour and quality service delivery among teachers.

This is very important because most people in Nigeria believe that the reward of teachers is in heaven which is not true. Not more than 200 teachers are selected from the different schools within a state to compete for a grand prize of One Million Naira (N1, 000, 000. 00) only through a series of screening that will bring out their best at the end of the day. Like the entertainment industry that organizes the Maltina street dance contest and other talent hunting events, the teachers’ face of reading is designed to make the teachers participating balanced professionals who are well armed and equipped with relevant knowledge and information to make them standout in life generally not just in the classrooms.

The criteria for participation are based on the teacher’s track records with evidence among other factors. Mostly, participants in the best principals, school heads and teachers of the year award event who were not able to emerge are usually given the priority to participant as compensation.

The participants go through rigorous tasks under reading, research and leadership development exercises to prove that they deserve to walk away with One Million Naira cash prize with other incentives attached.

As earlier stated, aside the primary aim promoting avid reading and research culture among teachers, this event is also designed to give the teaching profession a face lift and to make it known that there is dignity in teaching! Teachers are king makers and nation builders and should be treated as such. Standtall Africa Initiative believes that a sure way to evict the monster of illiteracy out of any nation is to empower the teachers.

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