StandTall Africa Initiative effective reading campaign in 2020

StandTall Africa Initiative effective reading campaign in 2020

StandTall Africa Initiative effective reading campaign in 2020. Take few minutes to read in detail as written below.

Standtall Africa Initiative is an international organization with a branch office in Nigeria and its fully registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) Abuja and empowered to run educational programmes, leadership and entrepreneurship programmes respectively.

As one of the leading educational consultancy firm in Africa, Standtall Africa Imitative in collaborations with other partners across Africa for the past three years have been promoting and sponsoring effective reading campaign across Africa countries with the aim to revive the comatose state of reading and research culture among students, teachers, lectures and stakeholders across Africa, Nigeria inclusive.

Some of the projects designed to be carried out during the nationwide effective reading campaign across both secondary and primary within the states includes:


You will agree with us that every child no matter where he/she lives or comes from have a right to quality education and basic educational materials to aid learning or reading.

In the northern-Nigeria, the reading culture is worse. In light of that, Standtall Africa Initiative is putting together the above programmes to support quality education and effective reading across Nigeria.

Attached are the details of the above programmes and what each of them promises to achieve in each state of the nation.

STAI RABBAN (READ A BOOK BUILD A NATION): Is one of the programmes aimed at producing books and infrastructure that will aid effective reading and research culture amongst educational stakeholders in both secondary and primary schools.


Forms carrying details of the programmes will be distributed to all primary and secondary schools within a state to be filled and returned to us.

The next stage will involve participants submitting a proposal on the need for updated libraries in their schools and how these libraries can be maintained. Best Proposals will be selected and invited to the final stage of the competition. Five (5) best schools will be selected and given textbooks and other relevant reading materials worth N500, 000. 00 each at the grand finale of the event.


The honorable Minister of State for Education, Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba said in a meeting with educational stakeholders and development partners on the 10th of December 2019 that “A well trained and a quality teacher who is encouraged financially will reproduce a quality student” on that note, The Best Principals, School Heads and teachers award is one of the programmes aimed at promoting effective reading and research culture among principals, school heads and teachers of both secondary and primary schools by selecting principals, head of schools and teachers who filled the distributed forms to participate in the screening process.

Ten best participating principal/school heads and 20 best teachers that have invested their time and resources into developing quality educational system within their schools shall be selected and cash prizes given to them with free text books for their libraries so they can do more and also motivate others to do same.


The Young Readers competition is for students in the secondary and primary schools respectively which will be organized separately at their different levels.


Forms distribution to all schools to be filled and slips returned to Standtall Africa Initiative officials for documentation.

Each participating school selects their best students for the competition and they go through the screening process. Areas of coverage for the young reader’s competitions are: Article writing, debates, speed reading, original ideas, poetry, prose, books, poems, talent hunting and science inventions.

As the campaign progresses, we hope to add more programmes that will make the exercise very interesting and engaging as we look forward to making Nigeria a reading society.

Thank you for being a part of this national assignment aimed at creating book and readership awareness among Nigerian students, teachers and stakeholders.

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