SKILL ACQUISITION AND VOCATIONAL TRAININGS

This program is basically for undergraduates within the various tertiary institutions. It involves both the theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship whereby students are expected to know the both aspects during the training. The training is aimed at developing young entrepreneurs who will not settle down only with their degree certificates but will also explore their inherent capacities and talents to build a new world of achievements and create wealth for themselves. They are both trained and equipped to understand that an educated man is that person who has been developed all round not just schooling as it is being understood today by many across board. Firstly, we find out the trade of their interest or their areas of gifting then secondly, we train them in the trade or ability ensuring that they could handle it by themselves. Usually, we make the raw materials and every necessary tools and equipment for the training available for them to try their hands at the practical production of the various items involved. We further train them on how to package and brand them for marketing. The end purpose is to ensure that every graduate across Africa is able to do at least one legitimate and profitable thing in addition to his or her certificate that can be exchange for money or harness the idea and mortgage as franchise for possible investors as the case might be. This will not only serve as means of self-sustainability but will equally reduce the congestion on the so call ‘white collar jobs’ which are never enough compare to the number of graduates produced yearly from our higher institutions of learning.

The skills or vocational training we run for our clients are numerous. Usually, interested clients or institutions forward their proposals to us indicating the areas they wish their students to be train, the time frame they wish to devote to the training, total number of students to be trained and what they can afford for the training. We study their proposals and arrive at a conclusion with them then commence the training accordingly. Our training fee is highly affordable and can be negotiated. Below are some areas of our training. Please, note that we are not limited to these outlined trade/incubators. The list is actually endless.

Skill Acquisition and Vocational Trainings:

Cake & Pastry

The target of the course, cake and pastries is to allow our students to know how to bake different types of cakes, bread and the numerous pastries that exist. We provide them with the raw materials after series of training sessions for them to have practical knowledge of how these items are produced and packaged for sales. At the end of this training, students are expected to gain practical knowledge on how to handle the different baking equipment and pastries making equipment respectively and how these items are produced in home consumption and commercial quantities as well.

Shoe Making and Leather Work

The target of this course is to allow our students to have their own footwear design Portfolio, fundamental for a competitive presentation to the Fashion working reality. At the end of the course, students are expected to have gained a deep knowledge in the field of planning of Lines and Shapes, understands the nature and quality of different types of leather, skin and hides for designing, cutting and sewing different fashionable bags, foot wears, etc.

Graphics Design

Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. Learn how to use industry-leading software to build innovative design projects, form of language to enrich and control its meaning. It’s an essential area of skill and knowledge for you. And we aim at making our student the best designers there is.

Bead Making and Accessories

This Bead Making and Accessories training are geared towards assisting students with what it takes and all they will need to start being confident bead makers. Beads making doesn’t cost much to start, this course expatriates on coming up with beautiful designs of fashion accessories.

 Bag Making

On this extensive  bag making course, you’ll get the opportunity to really understand the world of bag making and working with quality leathers and alluring fabrics to produce designers bags of all kinds, such as School bags, Ladies Handbags, duffle bags, travelling bags, lunch boxes, etc. As a small group, you will explore popular bag shapes, learn basic pattern cutting techniques, understand different bag constructions and make bags working on industrial sewing machines. Africa is a home of varieties of Ankara fabrics and using Ankara fabrics to make bags, is one beautiful kind of creativity that the fashion world cannot get tired of . The course promises to make New Designers and introduce them to the Fashion Community.

Fashion Designing

You’ll learn how becoming a fashion designer in Nigeria and  in Africa at large with your brand name and corporate image. This will involve many-core related principles to completely understand the many facets of the fashion business. This course is ideal for students, seamstresses, and anyone interested in the fashion business and design quality.

Makeup &Gele Tying

Get your hands busy and ready for a good income and a very useful skill, with Makeup and Gele Tying training. Being a Makeup artist requires much more skill than just knowing how to apply makeup, it is designed to meet the need of a starter and an experienced artist.


Our one-on-one interactive training session with our tutors gives our students an edge in the industry of today, educating the next generation of cinematographers to develop their own unique visual voice while gaining intensive hands-on working experience. The market of cinematography is ever increasing in Nigeria and Africa at large.  With the fast growth in Nollywood and other movie industries along other photo related businesses in Nigeria and across other African Nations, it is highly convincing that cinematography is a very interesting and highly lucrative training course all together.

Computer Networking

Computer Networking is a system in which multiple computers are connected to each other to share information and resources. The hands-on course that takes you through the basics of Computer Networking from  different types of networks to IP addressing and even a bit about Network Security