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Leadership Development Programs and Capacity Building Training

We offer short term workshops and training seminars for businesses and groups. We are one of the leading training and consulting organizations in Nigeria and Africa at large; our training courses are available to participants from all organizations who are seeking professional development across board. It is true that in a jet-speeding age, crawling is an abomination. In our seminars and training, we expose our clients to contemporary innovations, information and knowledge that are in tenet with global standards and best practices with the aim of developing capacity that completely transform our clients for better delivery and high profile inputs in their various organizations and companies after training. To meet up with the diversities of challenges faced by different clients at work places and to ensure we offer the best and timely solutions to these challenges, we continually improve on our training packages to meet organizational trends and global management practices, field research and in-depth organizational knowledge respectively. Our trainings are supported with a wide range of facilitation and techniques to ensure participants learn and even apply the different concepts. We also allow interactive sessions for participants to also bring forward their contributions and ask their questions during training session. The old saying is true that “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. Contact us today for your team or individual training seminars. You will be convinced that we are indeed second to none in this business. Under our leadership development and capacity building programs, we have the following packages for our clients:


In-house training is important because it provides a convenient and cost-effective training solution for businesses. This type of training can play a crucial role in expediting the realization of business goals by ensuring employees speedily grasp and exploit cutting-edge industrial/organizational processes, competencies, and trends. Our in-house training programs are reinforced by unremitting improvement strategies. Participants learn different ways of closing the gaps existing between concepts and actual actions. We ensure that professionals grasp and adopt unique organizational attitudes, systems, and process to create an environment that motivates the team and fosters continuous change and improvement. The following factors are very vital and worthy of note in our in-house training:


There are strong evidences to suggest that talented individuals have high chances of succeeding when an effective coach or mentor supports them. Standtall Africa Initiative has a range of experienced mentors and coaches, with expertise in specific areas that can support any individual, team or organization fulfills their performance requirements and their longer-term potentials.  With our up-to-date and innovative coaching and mentoring services, participants can be rest assured of improvements in their leadership and management competencies. This will ensure that they achieve superior leadership, better team collaboration and enhanced business results. Our coaching and mentoring programs serves as professional leveler, providing important leadership knowledge, capacity building, and talent discovery sharing experiences across board.


At the highest level of our capacity building training and leadership development programs, we run a three-month Diploma Certificate Training Program in collaboration with the Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria and Centre for Developing African Leaders, Pretoria, South Africa. The program is a well organized and highly sophisticated leadership development package that mostly attracts top and middle management staff, Military and Para-military Personnel, Senior Civil Servants like Deputy Directors, Directors, Permanent Secretaries, Commissioners, etc., as participants. The training courses are carefully selected to meet leadership needs and challenges at the highest cadre and they are handled by highly experienced technocrats with both practical and theoretical


In Standtall Africa Initiative, we do not only engage our clients in leadership development and capacity building trainings. We also evaluate, appraise and appreciates our clients and partners from time to time to ensure that clients that’s have passed through our training programs are putting same into practice out there. We achieve this majorly by organizing some unique award events for selected staff of our different clients. Some of the award programs are:

Personalized session

Standtall Africa Initiative organizes one of the most information-based and result-oriented in-house training programs in Nigeria and Africa. We work closely with our clients to assist them in choosing the right training solution. Furthermore, we ensure that their training goals and expectations are met. We also select seasoned professionals as resource experts that possess the requisite knowledge and information to tackle the unique work ethics and requirements of clients’ organization.

Upholding the core values

We incorporate the core values and working principles of our clients’ organizations into our in-house training sessions. This will ensure that organization’s mission and vision statements are properly highlighted and carefully explored appropriately. This will further ensure that the training sessions are primarily geared towards capacity building and organizational development of our clients and their businesses.

Self Environment

Our in-house training program offers the ideal safe environment for the confidential probe and discussion of sensitive company-specific challenges and setbacks that would not be otherwise mentioned in public or open training. Like the oracles in their shrine, both employers and their employees discuss freely and effortlessly the challenges, weaknesses and strength of their organizations as they also draw strength and vitality from their newly acquired knowledge and skills to take the business to higher heights.

Result Oriented

We spend ample and quality time analyzing desired training outcomes to ensure what we offer is a true reflection of the needs of our clients. Being a frontline organization with track records in in-house training, we work assiduously to perfectly understand the dynamics, trends and modern innovations in the corporate world in order to deliver quality results as expected by our clients and also properly align ourselves to proffer lasting solutions to the challenges and problems of work environment.


Winning in the market place requires a competitive edge, sharply honed and clearly focused. Our Coach Executives deliver business results and break through to new levels of leadership success and competence. We also facilitate certified Coaching Master Classes for coaches in which they learn how to get the most from their coaching relationship.

With our philosophy of ‘know your clients personally’, it has availed our executives the opportunity to experiment with innovative approaches in the ever-changing business environment. Our coaches are role models, exceptional and highly enlightened technocrats in their fields. Our robust coaching process is a time-tested technique that gives the mentees or protégées ownership of their own direction with innovative thinking patterns in their fields of discipline.

Most clients seek coaching to support themselves in the following ways:

  • Transitioning into a more senior role in leadership positions.
  • Managing their careers more effectively and productively.
  • Leadership and Cultural challenges as a result of wider global responsibilities
  • Career Development for graduates
  • Dealing with changes and challenges
  • Influencing and improving work relationships
  • Improving functional excellence
  • Strategic thinking and action planning


We facilitate Mentor Master Classes for both mentors and mentees in which they learn how to get along and also get the most from their mentoring relationship. We train hundreds of mentors and mentees a year and we are the lead provider of Mentorship Programmes for most clients. In addition to providing training for participants of Mentorship programmes, we also offer support with the matching (compatibility) process of Mentors and Mentees; a critical part of ensuring the success of the relationship. Mentoring is a relatively cost-effective way of addressing a number of strategic levers:

  • Feeding your leadership pipeline
  • Developing your in-house high potentials and graduates
  • Sharing experience and knowledge across the business
  • Improving the diversity of your talent pool



  1. Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution
  2. Criminology and Crime Detection Techniques
  3. Proposal Writing and Presentation
  4. Policy Formulation, Implementation and Execution
  5. Effective Communication Skills & Public Speaking
  6. Advanced Public Speaking and Business Communication
  7. Leadership Development and Ethics


  • Organizational Development
  • Project Management
  • Advanced ICT and Program Development
  • Human/Public Relations & Customer Services
  • Leadership Succession and Legacies
  • Idea Processing and Packaging
  • The Arts of Packaging, Branding and Selling

Category 3

  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Organizational Health & Safety rules
  • Administration and Logistics
  • Fundamentals of Legal Ethics & Secretarial Studies
  • Data Processing and Storage
  • Curriculum Development & Design
  • Change Management

Stress Management


Best Staff Of The Year Award

Being a leading organization that is into professional training and capacity development with the expectation of producing high profile employees, Standtall Africa Initiative (STAI) annually organizes “The Best Staff of the Year Award”. The event is usually put together to celebrate and appreciates outstanding staff members of the different organizations and companies that patronizes our training programs.  The event involves our organization contacting our clients across board to send us the names and details of their best performing staff of the year usually not more than five staff per organization. We then interact with them by way of interviews and also set up a screening panel that screens the staff using some certain parameters. At the end of the screening exercise, between five to ten staff members are selected in all for the award of the best staff of the year. We usually present the winners with award medals and cash prizes in a glamorous event that is usually well attended by leaders from all walks of life, captains of industries and technocrats as the case might be.

Outstanding Women In Leadership and Business Award

This is also one of our leadership award programs strictly for women in leadership positions in the business world and corporate world as well. It is a gender-based empowerment event that is aimed at encouraging women to take more leadership positions in the society in order to better the lots of their people. In an age like ours where gender discriminations and inequalities are the order of the day, we still have women in the society who have been able to give back to the society through their exemplary leadership qualities that could only describe them as role models and diligent leaders among others. These women have been able to distinguish themselves from other women by using their skills and potentials to influence society in a positive way and also impact these qualities into the lives of people that have come across them. They have been able to overcome the challenges of life through persistence. Discovering of purpose has helped them to achieve and fulfill their goals in life. Recipients of this award are mostly picked by recommendations from members of the public through our social media platforms (facebook page, twitter handle, e-mail, etc). We equally receive recommendations through couriers and official letters to the management. We usually take the recommendations we could handle per time while we document others in our database for future events. The selected candidates are usually invited to our office for an oral interview session. During the interview, we usually identify their impact to society through their leadership qualities. The impact of these women are usually compared and critically verified by the award screening committee set up by our organization comprising of our staff members and women from all walks of life with track records of quality leadership and impacts. At the end of the screening exercise, two women are usually selected by the committee for the grand finale of the event. At the grand finale of the award event, the two women selected by the committee are presented with cash awards and medals while the other candidates are presented with the women of the year award medals only. In conclusion, this women leadership award program has over the years recognized many impactful women publicly and has encouraged them to do more for their society while others are challenged to emulate their legacies.

Emerging Leaders Of The Year Award

The third and the last leadership award program of our organization is the Emerging Leaders of the Year Award. This event is strictly for up and coming leaders among young Nigerians in particular and Africans in general. Participants are strictly within the age bracket of 15- 45 years. They are usually selected from secondary schools, tertiary institutions and graduates across board. The event is basically designed to discover and develop young leaders who aspires to spread their tentacles across the various fields of leadership in the now and future. The participants are usually selected by filling a form free of charge. Thereafter, the participants are invited for an interactive session in order to know their views on certain critical issues bothering leadership in Nigeria and Africa. The primary aim of this event is to train, develop and equip young leaders in attaining a very high level of leadership maturity in their ability to think creatively, innovatively, communicate constructively and solve problems for the society Time and again, it has been keenly debated and collectively agreed by majority that a major challenge facing most developing nations today particularly Nigeria, is that of quality leadership. And it is very pathetic when this dearth of leadership takes a very negative toll on the young people as it is in the case of the Nigeria state. The core of this event centers on an interactive sessions during which we relate with the participants in any area of their leadership interest, possibly areas where they have a project to execute or any special innovation or idea with a view to finding ways to further develop, expand and fund such interest to better the individual and the society. This is very important owing to the fact that we have discovered that the major challenge of young leaders among others is how to turn their talents and leadership skills into profitable ventures for the betterment of their lives and that of the society as well.

Summarily, the Emerging Leaders of the Year award event is expected to achieve the following at the end of the day:

Search, discovers and develop upcoming leaders in Africa who intend to go far in their leadership pursuit.

  1. Explore ways of helping these young leaders introduce their talents and potentials to the society and how the society can benefit from them thus; engaging them productively.
  2. Create the platform for public-corporate organization engagement and relationship which is in line with the government policy on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).
  3. Spur grassroots leadership development by creating the springboard for grassroots leaders to also air their views on national issues.
  4. Mental and financial empowerment of young leaders as they are usually trained and provided with seed funds to execute their business proposals.
  5. Strengthens leadership, entrepreneurship and creative skills development and sustainability.

Winners of the final stage of the award event walk away with the following prizes:

First Prize: Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500, 000. 00) only.

Second Prize: Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300, 000. 00) only.

Third Prize: One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N150, 000. 00) only.

All participants of the event are given leadership materials for their personal libraries. Good to know that beneficiaries of this program have established thriving businesses in consonance with their proposals. On the whole, every participant had course to smile as they are usually armed with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to create a new world.


All our leadership award programs outlined above are free of charge. Participants of these award programs are selected based on merit or their performance during our screening test or interview. We don’t collect money from any candidate before participating in our award programs or give our forms out for money. However, our leadership training and capacity building courses are delivered at different cost depending on the particular package the clients are interested in. our professional charges and program cost are not fixed and can be negotiated with interested clients depending on the package and the numbers of participants taking part in the training. We are always open to negotiations with our clients when it comes to training cost. Our primary aim is to equip and develop the best hands and brains that will deliver at their best in their various work places at the lowest financial cost.

Practical Entrepreneurship and Value Addition Programs

Entrepreneurship is the life wire of most developed nations of the world. Without developing the basic business skills of the Africa populace such that every child on the street of Africa has a skill to cash onto when the chips are finally down then we must be sure that we are inviting abject poverty, hunger and devalued human dignity to ourselves as a continent. Practical entrepreneurship involves creativity, innovations, value addition among others. Any society or nation that ignores the importance of practical entrepreneurship or fails to implement policies that promotes technical and vocational skill education for her youths does not need a formal consultation with the with the ‘gods’ to know that economic holocaust along other critical social vices await them in no time. In Nigeria here,  the federal government in a bid to promote entrepreneurship among the youths has opened up several opportunities via the various agencies like the bank of agriculture, bank of industry, Small AND Medium Enterprises Development Agencies of Nigeria (SMEDAN), among others to promote the financing and management of small businesses among her ever increasing population. At the institutional front, the government through the ministry of education and the educational regulatory bodies like the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) and National Universities Commission (NUC) respectively has made laws enforcing the study and practice of entrepreneurship in all her institutions of learning. They realized that their numerous universities, polytechnics and colleges of education should not just be a place where the young minds go to acquire certificates of higher degrees only but should also be a place where wealth creation, business and self sustainability could be taught and practice. Thus, practical entrepreneurship has been introduced for developing great business leaders and entrepreneurial genius. Even though most of these institutions are yet to commence the practical aspect of the course, they have already put in place structures, frameworks and action plans to commence full fledge practical entrepreneurship programs; an effort that is highly commendable and worthy of emulation by all and sundries. Summarily, practical entrepreneurship is like money in the bank for any nation which can easily be cash on at any time and it provides security and guaranty for survival, diversities of employment opportunities and sustainability respectively. In the light of the above, Standtall Africa Initiative has made practical entrepreneurship one of her cardinal programs. We interface and engage our clients and the general public with two very important entrepreneurship programs.

These programs are:

Skill Acquisition and Vocational Trainings

This program is basically for undergraduates within the various tertiary institutions. It involves both the theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship whereby students are expected to know the both aspects during the training. The training is aimed at developing young entrepreneurs who will not settle down only with their degree certificates but will also explore their inherent capacities and talents to build a new world of achievements and create wealth for themselves. They are both trained and equipped to understand that an educated man is that person who has been developed all round not just schooling as it is being understood today by many across board. Firstly, we find out the trade of their interest or their areas of gifting then secondly, we train them in the trade or ability ensuring that they could handle it by themselves. Usually, we make the raw materials and every necessary tools and equipment for the training available for them to try their hands at the practical production of the various items involved. We further train them on how to package and brand them for marketing. The end purpose is to ensure that every graduate across Africa is able to do at least one legitimate and profitable thing in addition to his or her certificate that can be exchange for money or harness the idea and mortgage as franchise for possible investors as the case might be. This will not only serve as means of self sustainability but will equally reduce the congestion on the so call ‘white collar jobs’ which are never enough compare to the number of graduates produced yearly from our higher institutions of learning.

The skills or vocational training we run for our clients are numerous. Usually, interested clients or institutions forward their proposals to us indicating the areas they wish their students to be train, the time frame they wish to devote to the training, total number of students to be trained and what they can afford for the training. We study their proposals and arrive at a conclusion with them then commence the training accordingly. Our training fee is highly affordable and can be negotiated. Below are some areas of our training. Please, note that we are not limited to these outlined trade/incubators. The list is actually endless.

Campus Entrepreneurship Contest

Apart from the above mentioned numerous skill aquization and vocational trainings for the various institutions and schools, we also have the campus entrepreneurship contest which is strictly for the universities and polytechnic students across board. The contest is aimed at developing the creative and innovative powers of participants introducing them to some critical business thougth patterns and strategies that will keep them ahead of their competitors in wealth creation and value addition. Participation forms are usually sent to the participating schools through the Centre for Entrpreneurship Development of the participating institutions for interested students to collect. The forms are usually free of charge and students are only adviced to participate not coerced to do so. At the end, only interested students collect the forms and prepares for the contest.

The selection process proper begins after the forms has been filled and submitted by the interested students. The forms are further subjected to scrutiny using some known parameters for the screening process. Thereafter, the main participants are selected and set for the contest.

Series of innovative and creative ideas are usually introduced in the process to test the participants capacity to think and provide solutions to some ‘perceived’ challenges……

which is typical of ideal entrepreneurs in the real world. The panel of entrepreneurs who are carefully selected from different fields of specialization are put in place to evaluate and appraise their thinking capacities and productivity level.

At the end of the different stages of the contest, winners emerge. The first three winners are given cash prizes and opportunity to sign to sign their brands with us for promotion for at least one year while the others are presented with certificates of participation with entrepreneurship materials as the case may be. Presentation of cash prizes, signing of brands and certificates presentation to participants are done in a grand finale event where different organizations, individuals and the press are usually invited. The participants are usually given public recognition in order to advertise them for better and bigger opportunities in their field of interest.

Skill Acquisition and Vocational Training

Cake & Pastry

The target of the course, cake and pastries is to allow our students to know how to bake the different types of cakes, bread and the numerous pastries that exist. We provide them with the raw materials after series of training sessions for them to have practical knowledge of how these items are produced and packaged for sales. At the end of this training, students are expected to gain practical knowledge on how to handle the different baking equipment and pastries making equipment respectively and how these items are produced in home consumption and commercial quantities as well.

Shoe Making and Leather Work

The target of this course is to allow our students to have their own footwear design Portfolio, fundamental for a competitive presentation to the Fashion working reality. At the end of the course, students are expected to must have gained a deep knowledge in the field of planning of Lines and Shapes, understands the nature and quality of different types of leather, skin and hides for designing, cutting and sewing different fashionable bags, foot wears, etc.

Graphics Design

Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. Learn how to use industry-leading software to build innovative design projects, form of language to enrich and control its meaning. It’s an essential area of skill and knowledge for you.

Bead Making and Accessories

This Bead Making and Accessories training are geared towards assisting students with what it takes and all they will need to start being confident bead makers. Beads making doesn’t cost much to start, this course expatriates on coming up with beautiful designs and adorns.

Ankara Bag Making

On this extensive Ankara bag making course, you’ll get the opportunity to really understand the world of bag making and working with Ankara fabric. As a small group, you will explore popular bag shapes, learn basic pattern cutting techniques, understand different bag constructions and make bags working on industrial sewing machines. Africa is a home of varieties of Ankara fabrics. The course promises to expose students to the different types and which is cool or blend with the other. It also increases the color combination ability of the students.

Fashion Designing

You’ll learn how becoming a fashion designer in Nigeria and the in Africa at large with your brand name and corporate image. This will involve many-core related principles to completely understand the many facets of the fashion business. This course is ideal for students, seamstresses, and anyone interested in the  fashion business and design quality.

Makeup & Gele Tying

Get your hands busy and ready for a good income and a very useful skill, with Makeup and Gele Tying training. Being a Makeup artist requires much more skill than just knowing how to apply makeup, it is designed to meet the need of a starter and an experienced artist.


Our one on one interactive training session with our tutors gives our students an edge in the industry of today, educating the next generation of cinematographers to develop their own unique visual voice while gaining intensive hands-on working experience. The market of cinematography is ever increasing in Nigeria and Africa at large.  With the fasting growing nollywood and other movie industries along other photo related businesses in Nigeria and across other African nations, it is highly convincing that cinematography is a very interesting and highly lucrative training course all together.

Computer Networking

Computer Networking is a system in which multiple computers are connected to each other to share information and resources. The hands-on course that takes you through the basics of Computer Networking from the different types of networks to IP addressing and even a bit about Network Security.

Educational Empowerment Programs

Formal education is the foundation upon which the intellectual capacity and mental prowess of any nation which will eventually transmute into economic power are built. Without a solid educational base that sharpens the minds and character and also tame the inherent excesses in the human nature, it would have been almost impossible for any form of useful development to take place in the life of a nation, Nigeria inclusive. Quality education is very critical in the development of the Africa continent. Exceptional attention and care must be given to the educational system of any nation if any demand is to be made on the citizenry in the area of science and technology, inventions, research, discoveries, etc.The greatest need of Africa today is quality leadership which is a direct product of quality education. In our own opinion, we strongly believe that there is critically a one-on-one co-relation between quality education and leadership which is why the old saying is true that ‘readers are leaders’. The place of leadership and education in the growth and development of a nation is so critical that it can only be undermine to their detriment. Educated and responsible leaders are the greatest demand of our continent today. There is no more horrible sight in all human endeavors than when leadership is in the custody of an untutored and illiterate leader. Slavery and deterioration are inevitable! These are the woes that have befallen the great continent of Africa for several decades Nigeria inclusive. It is on record in human history that leaders who had lead well and are role models for the led, were highly educated and avid readers. It is in the light of the foregoing that Standtall Africa Initiative has given quality educational empowerment program as one of her leading areas of interest to better the lots of Africa particularly Nigeria.   Our educational empowerment programs are:

  1. Reading and Research Campaigns

Standtall Africa Initiative with the support of numerous sponsors and collaborators popular among which are: Learn Africa, Federal Ministry of Education, National Education and Resource Development Centre (NERDC), etc have embarked on the reading and research campaigns with the intent to empower and motivate undergraduates who are in the business of reading and research mainly and also to encourage others to plunge into the same mental exercise.

The campaign is aimed at raising academic giants who shall be pioneers of a redefined and quality educational system in Africa and also the touchstone for the next generation of leaders. We prevail on the society to see the need to read. A society, nation or people that underrate the art of reading have lost everything! Illiteracy is the hindrance to any form of development either economical, technological or human resources.

Suffice to say that no nation ever develops beyond the measure of its extant intellectual resource base pivoted on the educational system. We usually take the campaigns to the door steps of the institutions to avails us the opportunity of meeting with them directly and in their good numbers. Aldous Huxley was right when he said “Every man who knows how to read has in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting”.

Our most important asset as a nation and continent is our young people more important than oil! History has proven young adults to be a powerful agent of beneficial change especially if they are healthy and educated, with decent job prospects. Against the backdrop of the fact that most western countries are already grappling with the problem of an aging population, Africa’s young people is a major asset potential. But this opportunity promises no inevitable outcome’ it can be a disaster or a dividend. With the right reading attitudes, we could easily become one of the world’s leading educated nations; and with the wrong choices, our educational breakthrough could be lost forever.

Our greatest undoing lies in our inability to stay committed to the printed pages. Africans generally and Nigerians in particular have succumbed to the non-reading spirit such that authors could write that the easiest way to hid a secrete from the new millennium youth is to put it in printed form. They may never find it out! Less wonder, our graduates face the labor market with a kind of timidity that leaves one bewildered because they could not discover their abilities and strength to consistent and dedicated reading.

During the campaigns, we organize essay competitions, quiz competitions another reading competitions and appreciates the winners with different educational items and materials such as: e-books, laptops, scholarship award and reading materials among others. To ensure the campaign is effective and result-oriented, we chip in some other events that usually come in as competitions. These events motivate the participants to put in their best into all stages of the reading and research campaigns. The reading campaign is all encompassing meaning the students, teachers and the school heads are all involved at one point or the other. Some of these award events are:

  1. Best Teachers of the Year Award.
  2. Best Principals of the Year Award.
  3. The READERS Awards.

All the above award events are targeted at ensuring all stakeholders in the educational sector especially the teachers are carried along in the campaign for quality education across the continent of Africa. We collaborate with other stakeholders in the sector for financial support to run these programs ensuring that African young minds return to the printed pages at all cost knowing full well that a literate society is a future we cannot forfeit and an illiterate society is a luxury we cannot afford.

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