Lecturers’ Face of Reading (LFR)

Lecturers’ Face of Reading (LFR)

Like the teachers face reading, the lecturer face of reading is one amongst the two programs designed for Lecturers of tertiary institutions under the ten years nationwide effective reading campaign. This program promises to help the participating lecturers learn new ways and methods of relating with their students and the institutions with a view to promoting quality relationship among the lecturers, students and the institutions to bring about realistic and productive innovations, ideas and strategies that will transmute into educational development in areas of quality relationship, effective reading and result-oriented researches respectively.

Participants of the lecturers’ face of reading are usually selected from the participants of the readers’ award. 400 Lecturers selected from the participants of the readers’ award based on their track records. These lecturers are meant to go through some intellectual tasks with the view to finding new ways of getting their students to read their books and to promote effective reading and research culture among their students and colleagues as well.

This means that they must be people who can use their network of influence to persuade their students and other individuals to join the effective reading campaign. The grand prize for the lectures’ face of reading is Two Million Naira (N2, 000, 000. 00) only. The grand prize shall be given to the best performing lecturer in the contest while other shall walk away with consolation prizes.

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