Education is a major driver of progress for any Nation. Unfortunately, the pathetic situation of education in Nigeria is alarming and heart breaking.

Studies have shown that the quality of educational development in a society indicates the extent to which it can possibly harness both the human and non-human resources available at its disposal for maximum or positive productivity for the overall benefit of its people.

Education in every sense is one of the major fundamental factors of any Nations development because no society can achieve substantial investment in human capital without investment in education.

It will never be enough to say that it’s a primary need of any individual every girl or boy child, man and woman to have quality education to unlock their full potentials and contribute to building a better world.

Because of our passion for human development, we have aggressively campaigned against illiteracy and consistently promote the values and benefits of a literate society over the past years across various communities and states of Africa countries.

Some of the key programmes that drives the effective reading campaigns are as follows:

  • Campus Readers’ Competition: This program is for students of tertiary institutions; Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of education, Monotechnics, etc. The Campus Readers’ competition is designed to affect positively all tertiary institutions across Nigeria for the duration of the 10 years reading campaign. This program is aimed at testing students’ passion for reading, their understanding and their abilities to make public presentation by making them do paper presentations and other intellectual tests that reveals their intellectual capacity which in the end qualifies the best participants for our study scholarship for two academic sessions and some cash award for textbooks and logistics. Our study scholarship for this competition is One Hundred Thousand Naira per academic session.

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  • Lecturers Face of Reading: This is one of our highly enriching programmes carefully designed for lecturers of tertiary institutions in Nigeria and across other African countries. This award is nationally and internationally recognized and it carries all concerned stakeholders and key actors in the education sector along. The program seeks to identify educational technocrats that have contributed positively towards quality education in their various institutions especially in the area of promoting quality and effective reading among students and colleagues. Their institutions nominate them and their details are sent to us for screening. After the screening exercise, the best performing lecturers are selected and publicly recognized by giving each of them cash prizes for their personal use and a certificate of excellence in leadership. Cash prizes for the Lecturers Face of Reading vary from One Million Naira to Five Million Naira only.

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  • Rabban: One of our core mandates for the 10years effective reading campaign is to build about 15,000 libraries containing at least 5,000 books each across African countries within the period of the campaign. Rabban is an acronym for READ A BOOK BUILD A NATION. Rabban is one of the programs designed for the reading campaign aimed at providing books, bookshelves and mini libraries for schools across Africa to improve the effective reading and research culture amongst educational stakeholders in tertiary, secondary and primary schools respectively.

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  • The Readers’ Award: This programme is specially designed for lecturers in the tertiary institutions i.e. the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education respectively with special interest in research. It is aimed at encouraging them to align with the effective reading campaign through their research works including those research works that are still in progress. We call for their research abstracts and select some relevant ones especially those related to the objectives of the effective reading campaign. These research abstracts are selected and the authors are given mini-grants to complete the research works.

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  • Teachers Face of Reading: This is one of our highly impactful and intellectual events carefully designed for teachers of secondary and primary schools only. This program seeks to identify teachers that have overtime developed their mental capacity and leadership acumen and reward them for the discharge of their daily professional services to our dear nation. The selected teachers are given cash prizes for their personal use and textbooks for the schools they represent.

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  • STAI Best Principal, School Heads and Teachers Award: This programme is to be organized in the 36 states of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. The programme is designed to encourage effective reading and research among Principals of secondary schools, Head teachers of both primary and Nursery schools and Teachers of secondary, primary and nursery schools respectively. It seeks to test their reading ability and Intellectual preparedness towards reading and books since they are the trainers and the custodians of our future leaders. Participants that emerge successful from this competition are highly rewarded financially and with books for their schools and for their personal development.

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  • Students’ Face of Reading: This is for outstanding undergraduates of all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The program is designed to also promote reading and research culture among excellent students through a combined strategy of displaying of leadership ability and effective reading culture. Best participating students are rewarded with study scholarship, textbooks and educational excursion to some parts of Africa.

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  • STAI Young Readers: The young reader’s competition is for students in the secondary and primary schools. They sit for examinations and the questions are set for the different classes participating in the examination. Usually, we have SS1 – SS3, JSS 1- JSS 3 and Prim 4-6. For now, we do not involve pupils in primary 1-3 and the nursery classes. As many students/pupils that meet the cut-off mark of 70% and above are offered our study scholarship for two academic sessions. The STAI Young Readers competition seeks to test the reading capacity of students in primary and secondary schools, inculcate in them reading culture, and develop their self-esteem.

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  • Young Authors and Writers Award: In line with our core mandate of promoting quality and avid reading culture across Africa, the Young Authors and Writers award is aimed at discovering, encouraging and promoting effective writing among young Nigerians, which of course will equally promote effective reading and development of a very strong reading culture. Winners of this competition are handsomely rewarded financially and their books are included into our book portal for online sales

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  • Nigeria Reads: Is one out of the many quality programs designed for the ongoing 10 years nationwide effective reading campaign aimed at ensuring the reading campaign does not only affect students, teachers and lecturers but also all Nigerians at least from the age of 10 to 80 years. We believe that most Nigerians have real issues-based and productive opinions that could help us as a nation if it is properly analyzed and looked into. Click on Nigeria reads icon to learn more.

All the above programmes and more are richly designed to effectively drive the aims and objectives of the 10 years nationwide effective reading and research campaign. The programmes are packaged leaving no organization, agency or individual out. You can therefore check out the package(s) that interest you and you fit into to be part of this great move aimed at taking Nigeria and Africa to her place of pride among her contemporaries having in mind that “a literate society is an investment we cannot forfeit and an illiterate society is a luxury we cannot afford”