IN-HOUSE TRAINING

In-house training is important because it provides a convenient and cost-effective training solution for businesses. This type of training can play a crucial role in expediting the realization of business goals by ensuring employees speedily grasp and exploit cutting-edge industrial/organizational processes, competencies, and trends. Our in-house training programs are reinforced by unremitting improvement strategies. Participants learn different ways of closing the gaps existing between concepts and actual actions. We ensure that professionals grasp and adopt unique organizational attitudes, systems, and process to create an environment that motivates the team and fosters continuous change and improvement. The following are some of the factors we put into consideration in our in-house training involves:


Standtall Africa Initiative organizes one of the most information-based and result-oriented in-house training programs in Nigeria and Africa. We work closely with our clients to assist them in choosing the right training solution. Furthermore, we ensure that their training goals and expectations are met. We also select seasoned professionals as resource experts that possess the requisite knowledge and information to tackle the unique work ethics and requirements of clients’ organization.


We incorporate the core values and working principles of our clients’ organizations into our in-house training sessions. This will ensure that organization’s mission and vision statements are properly highlighted and carefully explored appropriately. This will further ensure that the training sessions are primarily geared towards capacity building and organizational development of our clients and their businesses.


Our in-house training program offers the ideal safe environment for the confidential probe and discussion of sensitive company-specific challenges and setbacks that would not be otherwise mentioned in public or open training. Like the oracles in their shrine, both employers and their employees discuss freely and effortlessly the challenges, weaknesses and strength of their organizations as they also draw strength and vitality from their newly acquired knowledge and skills to take the business to higher heights.


We spend ample and quality time analyzing desired training outcomes to ensure what we offer is a true reflection of the needs of our clients. Being a frontline organization with track records in in-house training, we work assiduously to perfectly understand the dynamics, trends and modern innovations in the corporate world in order to deliver quality results as expected by our clients and also properly align ourselves to proffer lasting solutions to the challenges and problems of work environment.


Winning in the market place requires a competitive edge, sharply honed and clearly focused winning attitude. Our Coaching Executives deliver breathing coaching tools that affords our clients break through to new levels of leadership success and competence. We also facilitate certified Coaching Master Classes for coaches in which they learn how to get the most from their coaching relationships.

With our philosophy of ‘know your clients personally’, it has availed our executives the opportunity to experiment with innovative approaches in the ever-changing business environment. Our coaches are role models, exceptional and highly enlightened technocrats in their fields. Our robust coaching process is a time-tested technique that gives the mentees or protégées ownership of their own direction with innovative thinking patterns in their fields of discipline.

  • Most clients seek coaching to support themselves in the following ways:
  • Transitioning into a more senior role in leadership positions.
  • Managing their careers more effectively and productively.
  • Leadership and Cultural challenges as a result of wider global responsibilities
  • Career Development for graduates
  • Dealing with changes and challenges
  • Influencing and improving work relationships
  • Improving functional excellence
  • Strategic thinking and action planning
  • Mentoring

We facilitate Mentor Master Classes for both mentors and mentees in which they learn how to get along and also get the most from their mentoring relationship. We train hundreds of mentors and mentees a year and we are the lead provider of Mentorship Programs for most clients. In addition to providing training for participants of Mentorship programs, we also offer support with the matching (compatibility) process of Mentors and Mentees; a critical part of ensuring the success of the relationship. Mentoring is a relatively cost-effective way of addressing a number of strategic levers:

  • Feeding your leadership pipeline
  • Developing your in-house high potentials and graduates
  • Sharing experience and knowledge across the business
  • Improving the diversity of your talent pool