EMERGING LEADERS IN NIGERIA (ELIN) COMPETITION (FIRST EDITION)

The Emerging Leaders in Nigeria (ELIN) competition is one of our youths’ leadership development and entrepreneurship programmes designed and packaged to bring out the best in the African youths. The event is strictly for upcoming leaders and young entrepreneurs who are just testing their legs in the murky waters of leadership at different levels and in different fields. The maiden edition of this competition was organized in Nigeria in June this year where over 1000 Nigerian youths that put in for the competition were made to face a panel of leaders and entrepreneurs to present their proposals, ideas and thoughts in the areas of their interest in business and careers and how they intend to build and develop such areas and add positively to the society.

Participants for this competition cuts across young and vibrant leaders and intending leaders within the age bracket of 15- 45 years. They are usually selected from senior secondary schools, tertiary institutions, graduates, etc. across board. The event is basically designed to discover and develop young leaders who aspires to spread their tentacles across the various fields of leadership in the now and future. The participants are usually selected by sending in their applications online or filling the application form which are completely free. Thereafter, the selected participants are invited for an interactive session in order to know their views on certain critical issues bothering leadership, education, business development, etc. in Africa. During the screening process, the participants undergo different forms of mental drillings that trains, develop and equip them in attaining a very high level of leadership maturity in their ability to think creatively, innovatively, communicate constructively and solve problems for the society.

Time and again, it has been keenly debated and collectively agreed by majority that a major challenge facing most developing nations today particularly Nigeria, is that of quality leadership. And it is very pathetic when this dearth of leadership takes a very negative toll on the young people as it is in the case of the Nigeria state. A very interesting stage of the screening which is actually the core of the ELIN competition centers on an interactive session during which we relate with the participants in any area of their leadership interest, possibly areas where they have a project to execute or any special innovation or idea with a view to finding ways to further develop, expand and fund such interest to better themselves and the society. This is very important owing to the fact that we have discovered that the major challenges of young leaders among others is how to turn their talents and leadership skills into profitable ventures for the betterment of their lives and others.

In summary, the Emerging Leaders in Nigeria competition event is meant to achieve the following at the end of the day:

  1. Search, discovers and develop upcoming leaders in Nigeria who intend to go far in their leadership pursuit.
  2. Explore ways of helping these young leaders introduce their talents and potentials to the society and how the society can benefit from them thus; engaging them productively.
  3. Create the platform for public-corporate organization engagement and relationship which is in line with the government policy on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).
  4. Spur grassroots leadership development by creating the springboard for grassroots leaders to also air their views on national issues.
  5. Mental and financial empowerment of young leaders as they are usually trained and provided with seed funds to execute their business proposals.
  6. Strengthens leadership, entrepreneurship and creative skills development and sustainability.


Winners of the final stage of the ELIN Competition walk away with the following cash prizes:

First Prize: Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N350, 000.00) only and a Leadership Books.

Second Prize: Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200, 000. 00) only and a Leadership Book.

Third Prize: One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100, 000. 00) only and a Leadership Book.

Fourth Prize: Fifty Thousand Naira (N50, 000. 00) only and a Leadership Book.

All participants of the event are given quality leadership development and entrepreneurship lectures and some practical trainings on production of some important items and skill development after which they are certified with certificates of participation. Good to know that beneficiaries of this program across board have established thriving businesses in consonance with their proposals. On the whole, every participant had course to smile as they are usually armed with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to create a new world.