DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE TRAINING PROGRAM

In collaboration with our research institutes, which includes Samuel Ortom Centre for Advanced and Professional Leadership studies, Kabiru Gombe Centre for Religious Diversity, Ethics and Peace Studies, Ibrahim Katampe Centre for the Study of African Heritage and Values and Appolus Chu Centre for the Development of African Traditional Leadership and Institutions, we run a three-month Diploma Certificate Training Programmes with Centre for Developing African Leaders, Pretoria, South Africa. The program is a well-organized and highly sophisticated leadership development package that mostly attracts top and middle management staff, Military and Para-military Personnel, Senior Civil Servants like Deputy Directors, Directors, Permanent Secretaries, Commissioners, Traditional Leaders etc., as participants. The training courses are carefully selected to meet leadership needs and challenges at the highest cadre and they are handled by highly experienced technocrats with both practical and theoretical experiences.  Below are our course categories.


  • Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Criminology and Crime Detection Techniques
  • Proposal Writing and Presentation
  • Policy Formulation, Implementation and Execution
  • Effective Communication Skills & Public Speaking
  • Advanced Public Speaking and Business Communication
  • Leadership Development and Ethics


  • Organizational Development
  • Project Management
  • Advanced ICT and Program Development
  • Human/Public Relations & Customer Services
  • Leadership Succession and Legacies
  • Idea Processing and Packaging
  • The Arts of Packaging, Branding and Selling

Category 3:

  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Organizational Health & Safety rules
  • Administration and Logistics
  • Fundamentals of Legal Ethics & Secretarial Studies
  • Data Processing and Storage
  • Curriculum Development & Design
  • Change Management
  • Stress Management