CAMPUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONTEST

Apart from the above-mentioned numerous skill acquisition and vocational trainings for the various institutions and schools; we also have the campus entrepreneurship contest which is strictly for the universities and polytechnic students across board. The contest is aimed at developing the creative and innovative powers of participants introducing them to some critical business thought patterns and strategies that will keep them ahead of their competitors in wealth creation and value addition. Participation forms are usually sent to the participating schools through the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of the participating institutions for interested students to collect. The forms are usually free of charge and students are only advice to participate not coerced to do so. At the end, only interested students collect the forms and prepares for the contest.

The selection process proper begins after the forms has been filled and submitted by the interested students. The forms are further subjected to scrutiny using some known parameters for the screening process. Thereafter, the main participants are selected and set for the contest.

Series of innovative and creative ideas are usually introduced in the process to test the participant’s capacity to think and provide solutions to some ‘perceived’ challenge which is typical of ideal entrepreneurs in the real world. The panels of entrepreneurs who are carefully selected from different fields of specialization are put in place to evaluate and appraise their thinking capacities and productivity level.

At the end of the different stages of the contest, winners emerge. The first three winners are given cash prizes and opportunity to sign  their brands with us for promotion for at least one year, while the others are presented with certificates of participation with entrepreneurship materials as the case may be. Presentation of cash prizes, signing of brands and certificates presentation to participants are done in a grand finale event where different organizations, individuals and the press are usually invited. The participants are usually given public recognition in order to advertise them for better and bigger opportunities in their field of interest.

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